Born in 1951
Lives and works in France

Bertrand Gadenne, video artist and photographer, has made a name for himself by making appearances in the windows of unoccupied stores. These shops, transformed into image boxes, contained still or animated images of animals or small fictional sketches. A moment of stop in the course of the city, a luminous interpellation.

Today, when he exhibits, he continues to solicit the visitor, allowing him to interrupt the beam of the projection to make his body the projection screen to a butterfly, a presence. Poetic, mysterious, Bertrand Gadenne arranges moments of reality, the inhabitants with animals out of scale. His bestiary observes as much as it is looked at, a game of inside and outside that benefits from the monumentality of certain devices in the public space as in the exhibition space. Bertrand Gadenne becomes an inhabitant thanks to his projections.

Exposition "Bestiaire fantastique"/"Les Expos d'été du château de la Trémoliére"/2014