Born in 1947
Lives and works in Paris

Since the Christmas of his 9th birthday when he received the mythical Kodak Brownie Flash as a gift, the camera has never left Georges Rousse. While a medical student in Nice, he decided to learn the techniques of shooting and printing from a professional, and then to create his own architectural photography studio. But soon his passion pushed him to devote himself entirely to an artistic practice of this medium in the footsteps of the great American masters, Steichen, Stieglitz or Ansel Adams.

It was with the discovery of Land Art and Malevitch's Black Square on White Background that Georges Rousse chose to intervene in the photographic field, establishing a new relationship between painting and Space. He invests abandoned places that he has always loved to transform into pictorial space and build an ephemeral work, unique, that only photography restores.

In order to allow the spectators to share his experience of Space, he presents, since the beginning of the 80s, his images in large format prints. This strong and singular work, which shifts the boundaries between traditional media, immediately made its mark on the contemporary art scene.

Since his first exhibition in Paris, at the Galerie de France in 1981, Georges Rousse has not ceased to exhibit and intervene throughout the world, in Europe, Asia (Japan, Korea, China, Nepal.), the United States, Quebec, Latin America..., pursuing his artistic path beyond fashion.

He has participated in numerous biennials - Paris Biennial, Venice Biennial, Sydney Biennial. - and received prestigious awards (Villa Médicis " Hors Les Murs ", New York (USA), Villa Médicis, Prix de Rome (Italy), Prix ICP (International Center of Photography), New York (USA), Prix de Dessin du Salon de Montrouge, Bourse Romain Rolland in Calcutta (India), Grand Prix National de la Photographie, Georges Rousse succeeds Sol Lewitt as Associate Member of the Royal Academy of Belgium).

Vidéo - documentaire/2013