1929, France - 2017, France

Originally from Corrèze, Henri Cueco began his artistic career in Paris in the mid 1940s. At the time, contemporary art was resolutely focused on abstract art, yet it was the return to figuration that fascinated Cueco. It is in this context that he participates in the 1960s, alongside Jacques Monory, Gilles Aillaud, Bernard Rancillac, Erro, Hervé Télémaque, Voss, Valerio Adami, in the movement of Narrative Figuration. An artist who was very involved in collective movements at the time, in 1972 he was a founding member of the Mallassis Cooperative. He introduces in his art the critical function and the political engagement not without some humorous distancing.

I have been drawing from the age of 5 until now. My father demanded that I draw every day, every day, every day. I did. I've basically spent pretty much my whole life renouncing virtuosity while assuming it, I don't know how to do anything else.
Henri Cueco

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Vidéo INA/ Henri CUECO 1976