Born in 1969
Lives and works in France

Jean-Charles Eustache's paintings always play on the impression of déjà vu, whether it is an object, a building or most often a landscape. It can be a suburban space without quality, seen daily, as a forest shot in a film. The painter's universe, which manifests itself through fairly tight framing, is not unrelated to that of David Lynch, with whom he shares a taste for mystery and enigma. In his paintings, which he works until a thin pictorial layer is left, the colors are muted. They give the impression of being in front of views of another world, to use the term of the astronomer and engraver Lucien Rudaux, and in his latest paintings with the titles of science fiction films, Jean-Charles Eustache plays to the full the sensation of strangeness.

Text by Henri Guette

In October 2020, a double monographic exhibition was dedicated to him at the FRAC Auvergne and at the Claire Gastaud gallery. His first catalog was published on this occasion.

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