Born in 1997
Lives and works in France

"In my work process, the image is the raw material. Often based on screen captures of films or photographs taken or found. These images that are fixed give to dream. The painting is done like that: to try, to see where these images lead me. A kind of thought walk. Although I use images to produce a painting, it is not about showing what I see but rather what I do not see at first. Something that would be impossible to say or to see" Milène Sanchez

Recently graduated from Esadse in 2021, student of Denis Laget, Milène Sanchez is part of the new contemporary painting scene.
In 2021 the Paul Dini Museum, Villefrance-sur-Saône, and the FRAC Auvergne acquired her works.
She was also the winner of the Prix Desjoyaux in 2021.
In June 2022, she joined the Moly-Sabata residence.
In September 2022, the Claire Gastaud gallery dedicated her first solo exhibition.