Born in 1971
Lives and works in Paris, France

Natacha Lesueur's images unfold in volume as well as in two dimensions. In her series Humeurs de fées (2020), drawn photographs are in perfect harmony with a fountain inspired by rococo wigs and 17th century garden factories. The artist, not without humor, mixes references from all eras and elements of diverse origins to play with similarities while creating a gap. The permanence of forms through their mutation seems indeed to be the recurring question of Natacha Lesueur's work. Her female portraits, especially of brides and fairies, thus display the construction of a complex identity through montage and collage, which allow her to return to photographs through drawing. Figures of women between the ghost and the cliché that a side step always makes ironic or grating.

Text by Henri Guette

PODCAST "Affaires Culturelles" par Arnaud Laporte, France Culture, 2021

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