Born in 1973
Lives and works in Paris, France

Iconophile painter, Olivier Masmonteil measures himself through each series to the history of art. With The Bathers, he takes a contemporary look at this motif which, from the classical Bath of Diana to modern bucolic scenes, via Picasso's reinterpretations of Suzanne or the old men, retains its power of attraction. By the fact, the pleasure of a careful composition and the superimpositions that oil painting allows, he replayed a voyeuristic device that we could have thought exhausted. With a form of strangeness in the wide open spaces of New Zealand, he sketches ghostly women who escape the eye and leave only the materiality of the brushstroke, the pigments, the line. A palimpsest gesture that measures itself against the time of the landscape and undoubtedly against that of painting.

Text by Henri Guette