Born in 1971
Lives and works in France

Samuel Rousseau is an eclectic artist. Photographer, video director, he cultivates the interdisciplinarity. Full of invention, his pieces are scultpures, video, and installations. Samuel Rousseau produces pieces full of poetry that hijack objects of every day and inserts a specific video image. The originality of his work is based on his way of melting very sophisticated technologies with objects that come from a popular and basic production – bottles, tarpaulin, jerrycans, tyres...-. Samuel Rousseau is a nondescript artist, always eager to test, attacking derisively our perceptive habits. Thus, the vulgar gets in collusion with the artistic. Samuel Rousseau likes to charge the absurdity of our existences with a rare dose of poetry. For exemple, his “Mountain of uncertainty” evokes The myth of Sisyphus as analysed by Albert Camus and the obligation for the human condition to find happiness into the absurd. Always between tragedy and comedy.

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