Born in 1973
Lives and works in France

What Anne-Sophie Emard seems to me to be looking for, with a light obstinacy, a gentle certainty, is to bring to light the functioning of thought and, in so doing, the understanding of the world. In Anne-Sophie Emard's proposals, as she herself says, "we look at something other than what we see", and if the artist often puts two images in relation to each other, it is not so that we "see" these two images, but so that we see another one, not a third one, another one, an image-construction, an image-thought. The journey "in itself" is a journey that lasts as long as life lasts. This journey, of course, is nourished by everything that each of us encounters "outside ourselves". It feeds on it and is complicated by it. We have to distinguish between what is a sign and what is meaning, between what distances us from the "inside" and what allows us to get closer to it. It is these signs, it is this search for meaning that Anne-Sophie Emard's work seems to me to be working on, and that is why this work is precious to us.

Arnaud Laporte, producer at France Culture, Une douce certitude

>> LINK V, "Portrait, Les Eperdus", 2022

>> LINK Anne-Sophie EMARD, Narcisse, vidéo sur photographie
>> LINK Anne-Sophie EMARD, Fleuve(River), sculpture modulable et mapping vidéo
>> LINK Anne-Sophie EMARD, Souche (root), sculpture et mapping vidéo)