Milène Sanchez (1997)

"In my work process, the image is the raw material. Often based on screen captures of films or photographs taken or found. These images that are fixed give to dream. The painting is done like that: to try, to see where these images lead me. A kind of thought walk. Although I use images to produce a painting, it is not about showing what I see but rather what I do not see at first. Something that would be impossible to say or to see''
Milène Sanchez

Her images play with blur and sharpness. The aim is to capture their movements and the light they reflect, bringing them to life. Her work does not seek to follow in the tradition of bouquet or still-life painting, nor to use the motif as a pretext for abstraction. Her pictorial creation is nourished by writing, through notes that record her reflections and observations following a reading, a film or the sight of a painting. In painting, as in writing, she engages in a dialogue with her object, losing control of the gesture and then regaining it. Her thoughts wander over the canvas until the image appears, until the «fluorescence» bursts forth. Using screenshots from films or photographs, she paints something that would be impossible to say or see. Milène Sanchez’s technique is characterized by the use of pigments that she prepares herself to achieve new hues, between natural and artificial tones. She works with oil paint and turpentine, and uses the glazing technique, superimposing successive thin layers to create a unique atmosphere in each of her canvases.

Milène Sanchez (1997) graduated from ESAD Saint-Étienne in 2021 (Atelier Denis Laget).

In 2022, Milène Sanchez won the Prix Horizon Desjoyaux. A series of works is acquired by the Frac Auvergne and the Musée Paul Dini, Villefranche-sur-Saône. The same year, she joins the Moly Sabata artist residency and has her first solo show at the Claire Gastaud gallery in Clermont-Ferrand. She takes part in the «Secrets de fabriques» exhibition at the Musée Paul Dini (Villefranche-sur-Saône).

In 2023, she took part in several group exhibitions: «Beautés» at the Frac Auvergne (curator Jean-Charles Vergne), Cristof Yvoré «Coi» at the Verrière Hermès in Brussels (curator Joël Riff) «Immortelle» La Panacée -Moco Montpellier- nouvelle génération (curator Anya Harrison). In 2023, a number of works also joined the Frac Poitou-Charentes collection.