Born in 1957
Lives and works in France

As a sculptor, Roland Cognet began in the early 1980s to reflect on materials, forms and the four fundamental essences: the mineral, the vegetable, the animal and the human, in line with the artists of French and American concrete sculpture. His work as an artist, goes to the essence of the notion of sculpture; Roland Cognet asserts himself as a sculptor by default, that is to say that he most often intervenes only in a minimal way, to sublimate a form, a volume, a mass and questions the space, developing an accomplished reflection on the magnetic presence of a sculpted form in its environment. Drawing, wood engraving, photography, video are mediums that he uses regularly, simultaneously with his sculptural work.

I have always been interested in animal forms (...) And then there is this trouble that we have in relation to these animals in front of our own existence, our own status of human, there is something quite disturbing, and as I do not know how to answer these things in another way than by sculpture, or drawing, I tried to understand, through a body, a bust, a head.
Roland Cognet