• 14.03.24 - 13.04.24

"Tenir ses racines" "Man, feeling beneath his feet
the abyss of his own destruction
as an individual, grasps his own roots."
Miguel Torga, Diário

Esmeralda Da Costa, an artist of Portuguese origin, has been exploring issues of memory and immigration for over a decade.
As part of the Videoformes festival, the artist has turned the Galerie Claire Gastaud into an intimate cartography of her dual culture, deploying the fruit of a personal experience of time and transmission.
Through a series of photographic, video and installation works, Esmeralda Da Costa traces her roots and simultaneously raises the question of anchoring.
The challenge of the artist's work lies in the articulation of collective memory and individual recollections.

Immersive and poetic, Tenir ses racines (Holding on to one's roots) cannot be grasped in a single gesture; it invites the viewer to explore and experience the artist's crossroads.

Galerie H