Initially based in the Auvergne region of France, Claire Gastaud Gallery has established itself as one of the most influential regional players in France since its opening.
Today, the gallery is spread over three spaces: in the Marais district in Paris, a space conceived as a project room is dedicated to curatorial projects; the historic gallery in the old town of Clermont-Ferrand, juxtaposed with the Frac Auvergne and composed of spacious spaces, is used for major museum-style exhibitions; including an underground hall regularly taken over by artists for performances, meetings or creations of works in-situ. In addition, the gallery presents each year a summer program at the Château de la Trémolière, a medieval castle located in the Cantal area in the heart of the Auvergne region, accompanying artists for residencies.
The gallery selection is inspired by the confrontation of generations, mediums and nationalities. Its commitment to the artists is protean, based on a rhizome-like diffusion of contemporary art, and particularly committed to women artists.
Since 1996, the gallery's proposal has included exhibitions by Dennis Oppenheim, Tania Mouraud, Frank Stella, Nils-Udo, Georges Rousse and Vladimir Skoda, as well as middle-career Henni Alftan, Alain Josseau, Jean-Charles Eustache, Natacha Lesueur, Marie-Claire Mitout, Roland Cognet, Delphine Gigoux-martin, Nicène Kossentini, Coraline de Chiara and new artists Milène Sanchez, Léo Dorfner and Victor Levai.

5-7 rue du Terrail -63000 Clermont-Ferrand - +33 4 73 92 07 97
37 rue Chapon - 75003 Paris - +33 1 88 33 98 63
15380 Anglards-de-Salers - +33 4 71 40 05 72

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