Born in 1982
Lives in Aubervilliers and works in Le Pré-Saint-Gervais.

Coraline de Chiara practices an art of collage. Whether it is drawing, video, painting or installation, she works the image by superposition and juxtaposition. Second-hand books are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Taken out of the libraries, her abandoned books whose contents seem outdated nevertheless open unsuspected territories that the artist likes to reinvest and to update. Throughout the pages, she takes photographs of minerals, statuettes, motifs, landscapes, maps, paintings and anthropological objects. The images constitute a collection of treasures that the artist continues to nourish and develop. The subjects and objects selected come from different eras, civilizations and geographies. They appear as fragments of a collective history considered without limits of time or space. Decontextualized and combined with other images that act as layers, they seem to float in space-time.

Text by Julie Crenn

Vidéo Atelier A / Coraline de Chiara / ARTE