• 25.04.24 - 28.04.24

«Sparkles and glimpses», duo show of Milène Sanchez & Victor Levai

The sensations of “sparkles and lightning” in Milène Sanchez’s paintings, the deformation and shine of Victor Levai’s ceramics create a space for reflection and questioning the idea of representing the ephemeral Like a sudden apparition, this dramatized frame invites the viewer to an immersive, sensory experience. The display of paintings and sculptures requires active participation from the public who deploy their imagination, live an experience, dive into another space of perception of the work in a playful and poetic form. Milène Sanchez : «For the scenography with aluminum, the idea is a bit like «La verrière Hermès» in Brussels to play on the silver reflections with the reflections of my paintings as well as on the dark ones» Victor Levai : «Thanks to this scenography, my sculptures will be reflected, blurred and distorted in the aluminium.

Exhibited artists

Victor Levai
Milène Sanchez

Brussels Expo
Halls 5 & 6
Place de la Belgique 1
1020 Brussels