• 25.05.23 - 09.09.23

"I imagined a journey in which each of the artistic practices - painting, drawing, photography and video - would engage in a dialogue on the notion of Mirages. Fragments of landscapes and drifting worlds coexist with inner visions, those of an elsewhere that inhabit my work and are evoked by the universe of each of the artists invited. In this very diverse selection of works, all the mediums are pushed to the extreme. More than an optical game inherent in each one, they carry within them a sense of confusion. The tension between abstraction and the extreme precision of the motif gives rise to retinal confusion. This doubt, left to our imagination in what we see, is like an essential bulwark against the real world. The works offer us privileged direct access to a space-time capable of opening invisible doors, into floating geographies and unknown temporalities... mirages."
Nicolas Dhervillers, Curator

Artists exhibited:
Mustapha Azeroual
David de Beyter
Anne Flore Cabanis
Claire Chesnier
Coraline de Chiara
Nicolas Dhervillers
Léo Dorfner
Sarah Jérôme
David Kowalski
Julien des Monstiers
Tania Mouraud
Georges Rousse